Withdrawal Now opened + Second Outstanding Payment List


The withdrawal form for payout on the 15th and 16th has now been opened till mid day tomorrow (12pm 15th March 2019). You can now place your withdrawal using the link below. Please note that you need to have an eligible balance in your blog account (balance) to place withdrawal.

In order to transfer your old balance to your blog balance, kindly fill the form on this page and we’ll transfer your balance under 24 hours.  You can also check your page menu to navigate to the page to place your Balance Transfer Request.

Also note that every user have 7days (till 21st March 2019) to request for a balance transfer as we’ll be cleaning up the database of the old balances.

To Request For A Balance Transfer:

  • Your Blog balance must be up to NH1500
  • Your Account must not have articles or tuts violating any of our terms or conditions. Kindly view our tuts terms here. If found, such invalid contents will be deleted and earnings debited before transfer occurs.
  • Users must pull a request on or before 21st of March 2019. We cannot assure users a shift in this date.




The list of outstanding users to be paid out on the 20th of this month can be checked on this page. list will be fully updated today.