What is flirting??


What is flirting?

Flirting is a social and sexual behavior that involves the way we communicate with people we’re interested in pursuing a deeper, more intimate relationship with.

1. Their behavior changes around you.

The change will be different depending on the person. Maybe they laugh more, they become really chatty, or the opposite happens, and they clam up or become withdrawn. Some people are brazen with their flirting, while other people become nervous and the way they flirt is then expressed through that nervous energy. Keep an eye out for them acting differently around you or treating you differently than others.


2. They’re the first to like your photos on social media.

If you’re already friends with the person in question on social media, this is a great way for them to give you attention without actually talking to you. They might do this by constantly liking or commenting on your photos; giving you compliments or teasing you in a playful way. There’s so much shoved in our faces online these days, so if they’re taking the time to read and look at what you post, chances are they’re interested in you.

3. Their body language changes.

So much of what we say and communicate to people doesn’t come out of our mouths. Body language means the way we literally position our body. It includes things like touching our hair, making eye contact, having our arms and legs in an open stance, or standing close to someone. If their body is angled openly towards you, they’re looking you in the eye, and they’re generally smiling, they are signaling their interest in you whether they’re aware of it or not.

4. They find a way to touch you.

I mean this in a strictly non-creepy way. Maybe they pat you on the shoulder, lightly touch your arm or hand, or nudge their foot against yours while you’re sat at a table. Light, often “accidental” touches in these sensitive areas send signals to our brain about attraction, and get us into that instinctive headspace.

5. They tease you.

This goes all the way back to our school days, when the boy who fancied you would always tease you and do his best to pretend he hated you. That being said, I don’t mean you settle for someone who is actually being cruel to you, because you wrongly believe he cares about you underneath his hurtful actions. But things like playful teasing or joking, or backhanded compliments can be the way a lot of people awkwardly flirt. They do this because they don’t want it to seem obvious they like you in case it’s not reciprocated.