What annoys girls in men


A word spoken is past recalling,  when the word is out it belongs to another  and other proverbs that simply mean think first, then speak are pretty useful because we all know that words hurt more that action. It’s true and what can be more annoying than some stupid  phrase. So here the list of phrases from russian womenwhich annoy women most of all.

You’re just like all the others

Each woman considers herself unique and the best one. Each  one thinks that  men can behave rudely with any other woman, but not with her. Unless you think that she is unique and special one, you will treat her as with all your girls. You will cheat, humiliate and insult. Moreover, after such a phrase, an unpleasant conversation should necessarily follow. After such conversation both partners remain unsatisfied. She’s  unsatisfied because you compared her to other girls, you are because she’s just like all the others.

My mom is doing this better

Your mom could cook, clean or do laundry better but this don’t really matter.  The most upsetting for her in this situation is not your skills assessmen, but your comparing. It is clear that my mother is doing everything better , she  devoted herself to family, she cooked and did household chores for many years. The point is that such careless sentence will not change  anything, the only result you will have would be your upset girl.

You’re exactly like your  mother

Under no circumstances should your say something bad about her  mom or other relatives. You would look like a person who doesn’t want to have nothing in common with his girlfriend’s family. It is hard to imagine that she will forgive this, especially if she has e a very strong relationship with the family, especially with mom.

We are just friends with my ex

Only women know how devious others women could be. If you are in good relationships with your ex, it’s okay with you to help her sometimes with thing like furniture removing and car repairing.  That’s your way to look at this situation, but your girlfriend has her own views on this situation. She can find such relations not friendly at all. You can help your ex if you want but it’s not a good idea name her a friend.

Do you know that my ex…

Only thing that can be worst than naming your ex your friend is an admiring  of your ex. Even if your ex was really a goddess in bed, she cooked as good as chef in restaurant from Michelin Guides , and everything was sparkling in the house, you should not mention this in front of your  girlfriend. Don’t even think about comparing them. If your ex was so perfect why would you left her