Web host provider – Things to consider before choosing


Business Owners are now coming to terms with reality. That it is useful to create a website and bring their business online. With a website, your business remains accessible 12 hours of the day and 12 hours of the night. You also get to have a far wider and broader reach. However, the crucial step of selecting a reliable web host is usually undermined and not given a careful enough thought. According to a contributor to Forbes James Lyne, not less than thirty thousand web sites get hacked daily, while many more experience long down times. A Security breach could mean you will lose all your valuable data. Long downtimes can cost you and your business a significant loss in revenue. It is reported that in the year 2013, the commercial website Amazon lost $66,240 per minute when the site experienced a downtime that lasted Thirty (30) Minutes. Nevertheless, Data and revenue loss might only be the beginning of problems you will face with an unreliable web host. Websites that have regular downtimes receive less rank in search engine results. That means reduced readership of the articles that took you a lot of time and patience to create. These are some of the reasons why it is very crucial that you give the choice of a web host a very careful thought. And below are some guides in helping you make an informed decision of a web hosting provider.

Understand your basic Web Business Requirements

If the Demands of your Web business include video streaming, Downloads, Online registration, and such features, you may require a dedicated server than a shared one especially if you are going to be having a lot of traffic on your business website. But if it is a site where you simply want to upload your resume or display your work a shared hosting plan would be convenient. Shared hosting plans are meant to meet the demands of small businesses.

Consider Third Party Webhost reviews

No web host would reveal the weaknesses and flaws of their web hosting services, this is a major reason why you need to carefully read user reviews of your intended web host on third-party websites to know the true nature of their services other than that which they advertise, the efficiency of their support and customer services and the quality of their support and resolution of issues. By so doing you learn from the past users of that web host so as not to repeat the same mistake as some of them did.

Purchase the necessary amount of bandwidth from the web host

While you are starting out with your new website, chances are that you may not require a lot of bandwidth. Still, it is good foresight to ensure that your web host makes sufficient provision for expansion. You should not be charged extra fees when the need arises for you to upgrade your current hosting plan, aside from the required fees for the service rendered.

Dont let the Pricing of good web hosts scare you

Opting for the cheapest web host may seem like a good idea at the start, but may not be so down the road. You should seriously consider that what you stand to lose in the end may be more expensive than what you gained by selecting a web host simply because their services are cheap. It could inadvertently cause your website regular down times, and poor support for you. Many cheap web hosting providers do not run and manage their own servers, but are simply resellers of another hosting provider.

Read the Web hosts Terms of service before accepting

Lets face it; we are all guilty of not bothering to read the terms of service on websites before Ticking and clicking that we accept them. This is something you must not do when purchasing a web hosting service because within their terms of services lies very vital information that could be useful to you later on. The information therein could include their guarantees, data/user policy, rules, and other relevant information. So read this seriously before checking the I Accept Box.

Find out about the backup plan of the web host.

The truth remains that no website is 100% hacker proof. Even with top-notch security measures a security breach is very possible. On account of this, a good web host should render the service of daily backup for the website on their servers should in case the worst happens. Without this feature inclusive of the web hosting plan, simply walk away.
Know the web hosts security Features
It is very essential that your web host is able to provide a secure socket layer to protect the information of your site visitors and clients from hackers. Todays web browsers now warn web users when they access sites without the security features and that for a customer is a huge turn-off. It will make you lose potential customers and revenue. So ensure that SSL is a part of the hosting plan you intend to purchase.


On the ground, you would have to get a store for your business. But on the internet, a web host gives you that storefront on the web. Ensure you follow the above steps and if you require a recommendation from us, we at clevabuy.com recommend speedy connect because they score well on all the above points. That is the web host we use after following the above steps. Moreover, they run and manage all their servers. Feel free to find out more about their hosting plans here.