We have had issues and complaints regarding the deletion of sponsored posts. owing to this, we have decided to create a complete term to enable new users understand our rules concernig sponsored posts creation.
kindly note that offenders will be sanction, if they break the rules governing tuts creation. such sanction includes: Restriction from tuts creation page, account suspension and even account deletion.

What we do not accept:

  1. sexual or explicit contents/tuts; this include sentences in tuts that may include explicit keywords.
  2. Gambling or ponzi Investments tuts.
  3. News articles on politics, football or entertainment (To a certain extent we allow on Tech and Education category.)
  4. Plagiarizing tuts/ articles from WikiHow or any other platforms that may have tutorials.
  5. Tuts containing three(3) or more outbound links (links from another website or bl0g).
  6. Tuts not well constructed or having little or no content.
  7. Tuts without a featured Image.

Sanction for offenders:

Our moderators determine the sanction warranted by any rule broken.
Users may be suspended for days, weeks or months if they create content that put NaijaHow or its partners at risk.

What else should I Know?

  • Tuts which do not create a graphical illustration may be taken down without sanctions. Screenshots or photos of how an action or tutorial should be carried out must be employed in your tutorial. This ensures your readers/ learners don’t get confused.
  • Tuts which do not have appropriate tags/ category will be taken down without sanctions.

Below are the list of frequently asked questions.

I got a deduction of NH100 on my account why?
This could mean that your post have been dumped by a moderator. You’ll not be able to get a refund or an explanation as to which of your tuts were deleted.
kindly make sure you adhere to the rules above to advert future dumps.

I obeyed the rules, yet my tut still got dumped why?
kindly reference the “what else should i know section above”. If your tutorial is one that needs a graphical example or an image walk through, we may contact you to make changes via comment on the tuts. if changes are made, the tuts will be submitted for approval; if found to now include images which further enhances readers understanding, the tuts will be approved and comment deleted from the tut. if the tut is not updated in time (2-4 days) such post may be dumped.


If your tuts gets dumped often you could try making tuts with tittle keyword “HOW” for example – “how to post a new tut”. This will in-turn guide you in creating a structured content.
Note that this is not compulsory or a trick for getting your tuts to stay on naijahow but if utilized could save you a lot of wasted time due to tuts dump.


NaijaHow is a creators hub and not a dumping ground for garbage. Our moderators have been lenient due to the fact that there was no formal guideline on tut creation.
We will welcome all abiding tuts. Lets make NaijaHow great for us all.