Top 5 Ways to Boost Your Facebook Fan Page Likes from zero – millions


Boosting a Facebook fan page can be a pain in the neck. In this post we’ll be going through it in 5 steps. But before we rush,

“Why would you ever need to own a Facebook page?”
That same question came to my mind when I just used Facebook for chatting and communication with friends and some other silly stuffs.

Below are the reasons:

A Facebook fan page is created to reach a larger audience about a product, service or a blog.

  • A Facebook page keeps your audience fixed and updated (always) with your latest activities, posts and event.
  • It allows you engage your readers in intense communication with others (this is very good for seo and it’ll help boost traffic especially when your blog allows Facebook users to comment using their Facebook account.)
  • Simple – It draws you closer to your reader. When they are close to you, they’ll develop a “thing” for you. This also will increase your seo score giving you the upper hand in search result. Believe me, readers feel more comfortable clicking on a site they’re familiar to or have previously “sourced from” than a random search result.

There. Now let’s get down to how to boost page likes from None – Millions.


  • You get to have more of international likes on your page.
  • You get to choice how many credit you give out per like or shares.
  • You can refer a friend and earn more points.
  • like4like


  • Some Likes get un-liked (though this is rare.  You’ll also get compensated for it).
  • It’s rather stressful to go about liking things online.
  • It’ll annoy your friends if you share too much garbage ( I advise using a false Facebook account for this).



4. Using Facebook Share Page and Invite.

  This is pretty straight to the point. Use the invite friends option in your Facebook admin bar to united your friends to like your page; they’ll get a notification saying they were asked to like a page. You can also ask your friends to invite their friends and so on.

*Use the page share in the “More’ option on your page to share your page either on your timeline or in a group. You can also tag your friends.

I advise sharing to groups with over 10,000+ members (if you are not in such group, find them out and join).


Do this seldom as Facebook might ban you from using the service.

3.Adding a Facebook Like Box widget and Pop-up on your blog:


   This is another great way to boost your page likes. If they like the content of your post then they’ll probably like your page.

There are tons of plugins and extensions to get this setup on a wordpress or blogger platform. use the plugin store to find a “facebook like box” plugin.



2. Using Facebook Ads:

     This isn’t free but it’s not a ripping price. For as low as 5$ you can boost your Facebook page and get thousands of likes.

 1. Attractive Contents:

Oh yes! Even more than advertising, an attractive content will paves the way for thousands of likes. Readers will subscribe to what is of interest to them. Lure them with your content; it’s your greatest charm.

Note: you can add “LIKE OUR PAGE FOR MORE” at the top or bottom of your post; this enabled them recall back to liking your page after reading your content.



You can adopt one, more or all of the steps above but no one will like a page full of garbage, tidy your content, make it neat and original as possible then go ahead and give those 5 above a try.