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[Latest!] Top 17 Best Online Shopping Sites In Nigeria 2018

By Aurora Maikudi11087


 Technology has made the emergence of online shopping sites in Nigeria 2018 possible. Today, millions of people shop online on popular shopping stores like Jumia Nigeria, Payporte online, Kaymu, Konga shopping and more. Here’s a list of online shopping stores in Nigeria for Latest Gadgets like Apple, Samsung, etc.

There is no denying that technology has branches that are still growing in different directions and one of these brought about online shopping sites in Nigeria and other parts of the world.


Let us talk a walk down history lane. Michael Aldrich originated online shopping in the year 1979. Tim Berners-Lee was said to be the creator of the first World Wide Web server and browser, making the history of the internet so interesting.


The commercialization of the internet was reported to have happened in 1991, hence, the birth of e-commerce.


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Amazon, although not one of the online shopping sites in Nigeria but a referred online shopping store, was reported to have started operations online by selling of books in 1995 (they sell virtually everything, now).




Paypal was launched three years later, and 2001 shed light on amazon mobile services. 11 years later, online shopping sites in Nigeria emerged.


List of Online Shopping Sites in Nigeria


Online shopping is the buying and selling of goods on the media or internet. The almos