Things you should not do when thunder is striking


2 Drive a Convertible

It has rubber tires so your entire car turns into an electric death box when it gets hit by lightning. Sha-boom!

3 Think You’re Smarter

“Hey guys, I think the storm is moving that way so we should be s-“ *ZAP!*

4 Stand In The Open

As any trained sniper will tell you, the easiest target is a target that’s out of cover.

5 Leave Your Pet Outside

If you leave your dog outside in a thunderstorm, you’re just a bad owner and maybe you should ignore all the points on this list except for this one. Save the dog first.

6 Take a Shower

While the odds of it are very small, electric current can move through your water pipes and zap you to death in the shower. It’d be a constant stream of painful lightning dripping down your face.

7 Use a Landline

This is honestly good advice for life in general – we have cellphones now. Move on.

8 Stand Near A Window

Windows can have metal parts which can become electrified when hit by Zeus’ thunderbolts. Don’t go near them or touch them, no matter how much you want to see the bolts strike the ground.