Things that reduces trust on WhatsApp


4 things that you are doing with WhatsApp that reduces trust

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Today, WhatsApp is the most common means of communication [source/pexels]

The invention of WhatsApp changed the way we communicate. It was some sort of modern-day fire. Or the wheel in communication. In fact, so popular is WhatsApp that it will soon be considered a verb just like google. 

It is so common to hear people saying ‘whatsapp me those pictures.’ However, underneath the beauty of this marvel, there are habits, in its usage, that makes people think less highly of you. These are: 

Disabling the blue tick 

The blue ticks have to be one of the greatest inventions. In it, you know that someone has read your message, and has no intention of replying. You make a choice whether to continue bothering them or just ignore and live your life. Then there are those who disable it for reasons that we only have to consult a witchdoctor to understand.