The Car Maintenance Jobs You Should Carry Out Yourself To Save Cost


Carrying out maintenance jobs on your car may seem like a pipe-dream but once you know the right things to do, it will be like child’s play. Even if you’re not a car-geek, doing some basic car maintenance will prevent you from visiting the mechanic and also extend the life of your car.

Here are a number of maintenance jobs you can carry out that will save you money immediately or prevent future repair bills.

Replace the Air Filter Yearly

A clogged cabin air filter puts an added load on your car’s A/C system and reduces the amount of heat in winter. It is important to replace it at least once a year.

Test Your Coolant

Test your coolant with a voltmeter by setting your digital voltmeter on the lowest DC setting reading and dipping the positive probe right into the coolant.

Touch the negative probe to the negative battery terminal and rev the engine to 2,000 rpm. If the reading is .4 volts or more, your coolant needs replacement.

Change Your Coolant

Coolant doesn’t last forever and there is a need to change it every 40,000 kilometres (green coolant) or 160,000 kilometres (extended-life coolant). If you keep driving your car on worn coolant, you may end up replacing the radiator, heater core and water pump.

Change Your Fluids Regularly

Transfer case fluid and differential oil changes are cheap and easy. Replacing them on the other hand is very expensive and is a much higher price to pay for neglect.

Clean Your Headlights

If you have cloudy headlights, you don’t have to replace them or live with them. You can simply buy a headlight restoration kit at any auto parts store and follow the sanding and buffing instructions that comes with the package.

Clean Corroded Battery Terminals

Corrosion puts added strain on your charging system and can mess with computer-controlled systems of your car. To prevent electrical problems, clean your corroded battery terminals.