Some traffic rules and regulations


Meaning of Traffic Regulation

Traffic regulation can be defined as the rules and regulations that guide the behaviours or actions of road users. This is in place in order to prevent accidents and enhance the free flow of traffic


Some Traffic Rules and Regulations

1. Do not drink and drive: Road users are expected to avoid taking alcohol shortly before or while driving.

2. Vigilance: Motorists and pedestrians crossing roads should be vigilant in order to avoid accidents.

3. Avoid hands free / earpiece: All road users are required to avoid all forms of hand free/ earpiece as this may not allow them to hear well and concentrate.

4. Wearing of seat belt: Motorist are expected to wear the seat -belt whenever they are driving, passengers should also use the seat belt where they are provided

5. Noise pollution: All road users are expected to guide against noise pollution. Drivers of vehicles should not blow their horns excessively to disturb or distract others

6. Obstruction parking: All road users should avoid packing on the road as this may lead to obstruction for other road users, thereby leading to heavy traffic.

7. Making calls while driving: Making and receiving phone calls should be avoided while driving as this can cause distraction and lead to accident.

8. Use of trafficators: Road users should trafficate before entering or leaving the road to indicate and create awareness for other vehicles coming behind; this will help to avoid accident

9. Speed limit: All motorists to adhere strictly to speed limits as provided

10. Bridges and zebra crossing point: Pedestrians should use pedestrians bridges or zebra crossing points where they are provided


Road Signs

Road signs are symbols which help road users gain full information about road the in other to avoid accidents. These signs are grouped into

1. Regulatory signs: These are signs that appear often in circular shapes. “They are divided into 

(a) Mandatory regulatory signs: Mandatory regulatory signs appear with blue circles but without red border such as diversion signs , roundabout sign etc. 

 (b) Prohibitive Regulatory signs: They are signs with red and yellow circles. They are Stop sign, No light sign etc.The colour red for regulatory signs as a background colour is used to denote restriction.

2. Informative Signs: They are provided to give required information to road users.