Side Effects of Heating Food Using a Microwave!!


Today, any household without a microwave would seem to be ‘’under-equipped’’. The appliance uses microwave radiation to cook, defrost and reheat a variety of different foods. Majority of people use this kitchen appliance without question. They reheat food by emitting microwaves which are in form of electromagnetic radiation and are on the low energy end of the energy spectrum second to radio waves.


  • Heating your food in the microwave can strip away its original nutrients due to dielectric heating. The water molecules rotate rapidly in the microwave and in the food in high frequencies which creates molecular friction and heats up your food which causes the molecular structure to change and as a result diminishes the nutrient content in the food.
  • Microwaves destroy breast milk and vitamin B-12. The health benefits of vitamin B-12 are instantly negated once heated in a microwave, the powerful bacteria fighting agents in breast milk which is usually frozen to be used in intensive care nurseries and most parents who do not wish to breast feed are also destroyed by microwave heating and as a result is harmful to the young baby who consumes it.
  • Microwaves create carcinogens [any substance that promotes the formation of cancer] in food. When you heat foods that are wrapped in plastic in the microwave, you can create carcinogens in the food. The plastic containers used to heat these microwave meals have been found to release the carcinogens along with other harmful toxins into your food which is then absorbed by your body.
  • Eyes are especially vulnerable to microwaves. That is because unlike other areas of the body, they lack the blood vessels to dissipate the heat and cellular stress.
  • Microwaves can change the makeup of your blood. Blood changes in individuals who consume microwaved milk and vegetables. Research shows that red blood cells decreases while white blood cells increases along with cholesterol levels. The non-ionizing radiation of the microwave can affect changes in your blood and your heart rate.
  • Microwaves can produce effects on your body instantly due to the 2.4 GHz radiation – the frequency of radiation emitted by microwave ovens. This radiation affects both heart rate and heart rate viability. If you experience irregular heart beat or any chest pain and you regularly eat microwaved food it is wise you discontinue use.
  • Microwave radiation can damage the human reproductive system, the immune system and central nervous system. High levels of microwave energy can alter or kill sperm, producing temporary sterility.
  • Microwave radiation can cause an elevated rate of cancer cell formation. Also, increases the rate of stomach and intestinal cancers.
  • Microwaving food destroys and depletes the life energy, rendering the food completely dead and lifeless, in addition the food nutritional value is lost and it becomes useless in providing any real health benefit.