Qservers Web Hosting Review Plus Coupon Code For 2 Months Free Hosting

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I’ve tried Qservers and i can say their services are really up to standard, their services are very affordable and worth using too, their website up-time amazes me and i give it a 99.9%, i also recommend them to any webmaster who wants an affordable but quality assured service.

They provide domain registering and hosting services with good quality in all areas of their job, their customer support is something no other hosting company can contest because they reply to your mails and tickets very fast.
Their payments methods are very friendly and can be used by anybody, they have the options of payment by bank transfer to either GTB or Zenith and payment by Interswitch which can be used both people in Nigeria and those outside Nigeria.

Features Of Qservers Web Hosting Network

  1. Affordable Service
  2. Free Domain Name ( free .com.ng, .org.ng etc)
  3. Excellent Uptime
  4. Clean Website Interface
  5. Best Payment Methods
  6. Good Customer Support
  7. Can Be Used While Abroad
  8. Secured Service
Qservers has a lot of other amazing features which you would find out by yourself but i believe the information I’ve provided about them is enough to convince you to host or buy your next domain from them, You can also move your existing domain to their network without stress.
To get 2 months payment off your hosting plan use the coupon code “2MONTHSFREE” without the quotes when making payment.

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