Promise land


The Promise Land
My name is Omomowo Adeola Adexly well today am gonna be talking about the promise land.
First and most importantly what is this promise land we have always heard about, biblically the promise land is the land flowing of milk and honey it is the land God promised the children of Isrealite after God delivered them from their enemies (Egyptian) bla bla bla Well today that’s not where am going to but what am going to tell us is that the Promised land is our Destiny and the journey of the children of Isrealites in the wilderness is the rough life we are battling with presently and not until we are in our promise land we are still in the wilderness
??So what are the steps to take to get to our promise land
??what are the barriers that stops us from getting to our promise
??Why is it that so many never gets there (Promised land)
??How do u know that this is your Promised land
well am going to be talking about each points one after the other
So What are the steps to take so as to get to our promise land
firstly set your goals, take for instance in the Bible when the Isrealite began their journey there must have been certain goals they must have made like time to rest time to eat time to continue their journey and so on therefore before you embark on the journey to your promise land (Destiny) set your goals and play it well as good as possible
Furthermore another important step that can take you as fast as possible to your promise land is Determination yeah focus don’t get distracted on your way ,put in all effort and don’t be distracted cause that’s what turned the Isrealite 40days to 40 years . Distractions frustrations and problemations ? will always be there but always overcome come it all with your Determination just like the Isrealites got to the promised land after they focused on their journey so bro,sis please be determined if you going to get to that promise land .
Moreover Honesty is a step that can take you to that promise land without dents or flaw . Honesty is a very important aspect that every being should put in use while journeying to the promise land you must be honest truthful trustworthy at all cost no matter what it may take. Always stay honest cause honesty pays alot and if you should check the book of Number chapter 13 and 14 you would see what honesty did to Joshua and Caleb and the promise God gave them because they were honest.
And another aspect is to be zealous confident bold courageous don’t be doubtful believe you can do it you can achieve it work towards it with full confidence so as to overcome every discouragement failure you encounter always encourage and motivate yourself even when nobody believes you, have faith in yourself . The Zeal to be in your promise land should push you always .Phinehas zeal was what helped in while in the wilderness and he was blessed by God you can see that in Numbers chapter 25 . I pray the Zeal of God help us through our wilderness to the promised land Amen ?
Lastly the one thing to take with you while on your journey is God cause the bible says oh no Adexly says he that has God has everything . Let God be the director of your ways only God the Almighty, I AM THAT I AM ,Yahweh only him can take you to your Promised land and without Him all your effort is f9 yeah absolute zero. God Himself was the one that took the Isrealites to the land he promised them so many wars, qualms, afflictions but God stood by them and lead them through therefore Let God be your lead. That’s few of the steps to take you to your promised land there are still much more and i need you to do me a favour which is to know those steps and obey them . Common now go fast and get to your promised land.??
If you are still with me you will see that on our list above the next outline is “Why is it that so many never gets there (Promised land)”
Well the reasons are so many But am going to be talking about three important reasons why most fail on their way.
1?? Sin according to my understanding is the disobedience to a certain rule laid down by one’s Superior. All forms of sin is a big hindrance and delay towards the Promised land so don’t take part in any sin if you want to get to the Promised land as soon as possible. Stay clear from sin besides this same sin is what delayed the Isrealites while in the wilderness and they spent 40years instead of 40days .
Sin causes delay, suffering ,sickness, poverty, vanity and finally death so don’t partake in any sinful act while on your journey please?. I pray God give us the strength to depart from sin fully Amen.
2?? Blaspheming and all forms of Jealousy. Never get jealous of anybody the moment you start envying someone and you start blaspheming such person then you are indirectly calling upon the wrath of God and stopping yourself from moving ahead if you read your Bible well you would recall what happened to Miriam, Korah and Abiram when they blaspheme Moses infact they never got to the Land therefore be contented with the little you have and don’t envy others
3?? Bad Attitude… they say bad attitude is like a car with flat tires it never gonna take you any where bad attitudes like hot temper, greediness, rudeness and something of such are some of the things that make so many remain where they are not going forward or backward just stagnant therefore if you are gonna move forward examine yourself and correct the defaults then move. Moses even though he was the one leading the Isrealites to the Promised land didn’t also get there why because of his hot temper on this case please repair those defects.
And why is it that so many never get there well the reason is because they don’t follow the rules well some is as a result of ignorance and most wanna cut corners to get to the Promised land which doesn’t work that way at the end they land in suffering land ?? and some followed the rules with full cautious but the Promise land they are chasing after isn’t theirs so what do u expect failure of course well then with these few points of mine I think have been able to convince you that these are some of the reasons why many never get to the Promised land Thank you.
Now the question is how do u know that this is your Promised land well it simple when you check the bible you will note that it was God who chose the land for the Isrealites and it’s not they themselves so before you set your goals (which is the first step) pray and if possible fast to God for directive never decide on your own instead let God decide for you cause God’s plan is the best .??
In conclusion be good help others love people like you love yourself inspire friends motivate them and do not hate Journey into your Promised land and leave a happy life .I love You all see yah next time byebye ?