Olamide’s poverty die prayer & the economy


Oludayo Tade urges Nigerians to vote wisely in the forthcoming elections

Musicians of the hip-hop genre are becoming prophetic and doing their best to read the mood of the country. They not only reproduce individual anxieties in musical form but also embellish institutional failures and speak about the arrow heads that made suffering an inevitable daily food which Nigerians down the ladder are forced to consume. In 2018, Nigeria levitated into the glorious rank as the leader of the poor in the world. We are also witnesses to the failure in the economy which has left many Nigerians dwellers in the dungeon of lack and hopelessness. Gladly the ‘fixer’ has finally own up that the economy is in bad shape despite years of denial. The one who is supposed to provide electricity and fix roads has further confirmed the mannerism of blame-game characteristic of the broom government. While a few successes were recorded, costly policies and indecisions have had negative consequences on the masses. This is why poverty is today freely sighted on the road and in the closets of many households.