New Site Update [Urgent Attention]


Update1: Post Section

It’s been 3weeks and we are pleased having you all supporting us on NHAEP. Our dreams are slowly driving into reality and your earning are becoming more feasible.

However, it has come to our notice that the Tut Section of NaijaHow [NHAEP] is being abused.

Our rules still stand that Post/Tut without a featured image and source (if not owned (- we have our ways of detecting this.)) will not be approved. Prior to this update such posts have been approved. This was only for encouragement sake.

Authors of such Tuts have been given an ULTIMATUM to edit their tuts providing these requirements on or before 7th, August 2018. Failure to do this will result in the deletion of the Tut and (NH) Earned form them will be Debited.

In addition: Blurry or substandard featured images/ content images should not be used in creating tut. We may not approve such tuts.

UPDATE 2: Drafting Tuts

We would be performing a clean up of tuts every sunday. Kindly make sure your draft posts are submitted for approval before the stated day. Draft tut might be removed during cleanup. So pls, do not abandon your tut as drafts!

UPDATE 3: Promotional Tuts

We wouldn’t approve any Tuts/ Posts that publicize and promote personal business or Links. Such tuts and posts are considered as Sponsored Posts Formatted and will require a certain fee to be published when we launch our Sponsored Post Program next week.


A New Tut Block is coming to Naijahow and NHAEP.

We have had complain on Tech being the only tut block (category) on NaijaHow. We don’t intend it to be so, that’s why we are having a new block.


Tutor on how you live your daily dream and get paid for it.

Tuts in the LIFESTYLE Category will get NH200 For the first week of launching. This boost earnings will end on the 13th August, 2018.

LIFESTYLE LAUNCH DATE: 6th August, 2018 by 12:00pm.



  1. nice update bro cause i was just wondering the same thing here. after i stay sleepless night cracking my brain on my write somebody will just google stuffs from online and post it and still get the same reward as me. its unfair but thanks for the update

  2. This is a very good news and so happy that NaijaHow is moving forward everyday.

    But pls sir Mr joegfred, according to the update 1 post section.
    Is it a must to have (Tut Source). Do you mean we should post the source will are getting the news from?

    No2. Pls sir you need to consider all our previous tuts with this new development. wiping up tuts and earnings won’t be good enough cos so many tuts on the website now do not have tut source. Let the rules be applied with the new tuts from now on.

    Please answer my first question, and look into no2 consideration.

    Thanks & more grease to your elbow!