Movie facts!!

  • Did you knowthere are 22 stars in the Paramount studios logo
  • Did you knowthe movie Pulp Fiction cost $8 million to make with $5 million going towards actor’s salaries
  • Did you knowthe movie ‘Wayne’s World’ was filmed in two weeks
  • Did you knowthe film ‘Mary Poppins’ was filmed entirely indoors
  • Did you knowall of the clocks in the movie ‘Pulp Fiction’ are fixed to 4:20
  • Did you know55% of all movies are rated R
  • Did you know‘Babe’ was played by over 50 pigs
  • Did you knowthe first James Bond movie was called ‘Dr. No’
  • Did you knowbefore beginning his movie career Keanu Reeves managed a pasta shop in Toronto Canada
  • Did you knowthe 1st full length animated film was released by Disney Studios in 1937 (it was Snow White and the seven dwarfs)