Important documents and information every car owner needs.


As a car owner that would love to ply any road in the country, a couple of documents are needed to be in ones possession for security ,tax payer proof and as proof of ownership of said car

1. Insurance Policy Verification: The benefits of having a vehicle insurance policy are enormous plus, it is a legal requirement for every vehicle owner. However, the vehicle insurance industry has been flooded with an alarming number of fake insurance policies, with many vehicle owners in the dark as to the genuity of their insurance covers. To check if your insurance policy is genuine and to avoid being hounded by law enforcement officials, send an SMS in the following format to 33125: Policy Number*Vehicle Plate Number 

2. Valid Custom Clearance Papers: All cars purchased from outside the shores of Nigeria are required to have passed through Custom Clearance at the point of entry and clearance papers issued as evidence of payment of the Excise Duty. Custom Officers have always been on rampage stopping vehicles and inspecting their clearance papers. Where these clearance papers are determined by Custom Officials to be fake, they seize and impound such vehicle. 

3. Tinted Glass Permit: This is issued to vehicles with Factory-fitted tinted Glass only. Any vehicle owner driving his/her vehicle with tinted glass without a permit risks payment of a fine. Therefore, all owners of vehicles with tinted glass should apply for the necessary permits from the Nigerian Police. 

 4. Licence Plate Verification: Some Vehicle Owners have been stopped by the Federal road safety Corps (FRSC) and other law enforcement bodies regarding issues with their vehicle licence plates. Many of these drivers are unaware these licence plates are fake or registered to another vehicle, especially when they have followed the due process in obtaining theses licence plates. Avoid harassment by the law enforcement agencies by verifying your licence plates.

5.First Aid kit, Jack, Fire extinguisher and Caution triangle