I’m not the 22 year old girl you married to torture at will-etinosa calls out ex-husband


Another marital saga as Nollywood actress, filmmaker and comediane Etinosa calls out ex-husband whom she claimed is sending threats to her, despite not being together anymore. The actress who took to her Instagram page to spill a lot of secrets on the man, revealed that he not only abused her while they were married, but his mother also confessed that he is cursed and he beats her too. She wrote:

can’t keep hiding for the rest of my life Tunde. I’m tired. You have bullied and intimidated me for 6 years! I’m not 22 years old anymore. I am not the child you married to torture at will, tie me up, put my head in a bowl of water, strangle me because you know I’m asthmatic then take me to the emergency unit of a hospital that is loyal to you. You tortured me to quit my job to be your full time slave- thankfully i never did