How To Tweak Your Mobile & PC’s Opera to Use Airtel 1Gig Social Plan For N300

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Airtel Launches a plan that gives you 1gig for N300. Wow right? But there’s a restriction – Its only for social apps (e.g.. Twitter, Facebook, whatsapp, BBM)

But here’s the thing, in this tutorial I am going to be showing to you how to browse using your opera mini on mobile and pc.

Take note: You can only download up to 30mb file depending on signal strength.



Just open your non-JavaScript (nonadvanced ) opera and browse.

Or download this JavaScript opera to browse with your social data (can’t download).

    How To Browse on PC

  •  Share your mobile network to your Pc via Hotspot and run your opera.
  •  Goto Menu.
  •   Activate turbo mode.
  •   Visit to test.



As a blogger I make, publish and share my post using this. It’s quite cheaper than buying a #2500 plan to run my blog.


  1. * It Is cheap. For #300 You get quite a huge value. Far cheaper than mtn whatsapp N60 for 25mb.
  2. * You can download up to 20mb on mobile.


  •  You can’t download huge files
  •  You can’t browse few site on pc like youtube, Google Search ( you can use BING )and some few sites.



 To activate this bundle dial *488#

  • °N300 unlimited ( 1 gig ) for 25 days
  • °N200 for 200mb 25days
  • °N100 for 80mb 5days


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