How to set CorelDraw AUTO-SAVE feature and always get back your job when you thought it was lost


Have you ever work with coreldraw and suddenly your system trip off and your work gone and no where to be found?

There is a feature in coreldraw that you can use to automatically be saving your job at every particular time interval, let’s every ten minutes it will be saving your job for you.

Lets get straight to the point,

On your coreldraw menu bar, click on TOOLS and select OPTIONS from the drop down menu

Once you’ve done that, you should  this window resemblance;

then click on WORKSPACE and you will see other hidden commands, Locate SAVE and click on it…

once you click it, you should see what you are seeing on the picture above,

then make you check that AUTO RECOVERY box and select the drop down box on the front

By default, corel draw automatically saves your job for you at the interval of 20minutes which simply means that if you spent 19minutes to create world best design, NOTHING CONCERN CORELDRAW CONCERN YOUR WORK not until its 20minutes on the dot, even if it’s 19mins 58 seconds, you will still loose that job.

So, just select 10 and highlight it and change it to ONE, normally coreldraw no go allow you but no mind am, just do as I say,

Immediately you are sure that 1 is in the box just click OK or SAVE to close the window, and you are done..

Now Coreldraw will now be auto saving your job every one minute,

you won’t tell that if you lost 58 seconds design you have lost something abi na lie?

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le go..