How to prepare your bedroom before relaxation



Don’t keep any work-related materials in your room. Your bedroom should be a place for sleep, not work. If you have a limited space (or live in a studio apartment), try to create a barrier between where you sleep and where you work. This will help your mind associate your room with rest.[25]


Make sure bedroom walls are pale and simple. Bright colors or busy patterns in a bedroom can disrupt sleep. Pale pink or pale blue can be good choices. This will help give you a calming feeling when you enter the room.[26]


Keep the room uncluttered. Clutter can disrupt the good energy in the room, and make the space feel less serene. A simple décor with few disruptive elements is best. Avoid the accumulation of items unnecessary for sleep.[27]


Lay down. Make sure you’re comfortable. In yoga, sleeping on the left side for about half the night is considered ideal. The rest of the time should be other positions, such as on your back, on your stomach, or on your right side. Doing so promotes full-body health.[18]