How To: Open Disk Management in Windows 10


Open Disk Management in Windows 10. Easily!

You can partition hard drive, format hard drive, or change hard drive’s letter in Disk Management. Here you will learn how to open Disk Management in Windows 10.

Open Disk Management using Run Window

This method works only if you have a keyboard. If not, Open Disk Management via Start Menu.

Follow these steps:

1. Press Win+R (Windows logo key and R key) at the same time. A Run dialog box will open.

2. Type diskmgmt.msc in the run box then press Enter key.

If you don’t have a keyboard but a mouse, open Disk Management via Start menu.

Open Disk Management via Start Menu

Follow these steps:

1. Click the Start button to bring up Start menu.

2. In Start menu, scroll down the apps list to find and expand folder Windows Administrative Tools.

Note: Windows 10 version 14393 and above builds have a new Start menu which have removed All apps option. If you have lower build than 14393, you will see All apps in the Start menu (see below image). Then you need to click All apps then Windows Administrative Tools.

3. Under folder Windows Administrative Tools, select Computer Management. This is to open Computer Management window.

4. Click Disk Management in the left pane. Then you will see the Disk Management content in in the right pane.


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