How to make vegetable soup


The preparation is quite easy. You just have to follow few simple instructions:
Rinse the meat under water and put it in a large pot. Add the onion, spices, and cook the mixture for half an hour.
Wash the seafood and periwinkle under cool water and add them to the pan. Wait until the meat is about 3/4 soft compared to full readiness.
Rinse fish in hot water to get rid of dirt and sand, mix it with the rest of ingredients. If the fish is very dry, add it at the very beginning.
Slice ugu and waterleaves into small pieces. It’s convenient to buy already sliced leaves. Sellers often do it themselves. If you need to cut the leaves yourself, use a plate and a sharp knife.
Put the leaves in separate dishes and rinse with water to get rid of sand. It is recommended to do it very carefully. It’s better to wash them before cutting, so this is an important reason to buy them unprepared. The fluted pumpkin can be washed before slicing, but you have to wash waterleaves after cutting.
Add 1 cup of palm oil (250 milliliters) to the boiling ingredients. In this recipe, you have to use a lot of oil.
Add spices according to your taste. Then the dish should be cooked for another 10 minutes. Make sure all ingredients boil with a little water.
Mix the soup, taste a little and decide whether it is worth adding spices before putting waterleaves in.
Stir, wait for 3 more minutes before using the leaves.
Mix and add seafood, periwinkle, Knorr or Maggi.
If desired, add ground ofor or achi (1 big spoon). Then add your ugu leaves.
Cover pan with lid, leaving a small opening for steam and let the soup boil for another 5 minutes.