How to make puf-puf


Are you thinking of some interesting snacks ideas to cook this week? Why not consider Nigerian spicy puff puff? This is an amazing meal loved by millions of citizens in Nigeria and the country’s guests. Everyone who is in love with spicy and hot meals should learn how to make puff puff with pepper and onions. It is so delicious! You definitely should give it a try. Puff puffs are one of the most popular snacks in different African countries. Many families replace bread with this meal. There are many different variations of puff puff recipe, and you can add your own ingredients, make them sweet or salty, spicy or bread-like. Anyway, here we go with a pepper plus onion version of it. Puff puff recipe ingredients What do you need to cook the nice snack? Here is the list of the main ingredients for our puff puff version with pepper and onions. Remember that you can change this list to your personal taste (if you want to): Onion – 1 of medium size Pepper (two types: ground cayenne and white) – 1 tablespoon of each Flour – 4 cups Dry yeast – 3 tablespoons Sugar – 1 cup Salt – 0.5 tablespoon Vanilla – 1 tablespoon Vegetable oil – enough to cover the frying pan Water – 2.5 cups Bowls – a big and a small Mixer with a bowl (or blender) Kitchen paper Frying pan (a deep one) You should prepare onions separately from other parts of the meal. It takes some time to cook everything, but the tasty meal at the end will absolutely make you smile. How to prepare puff puff We advise you to follow this spicy puff puff recipe as close as you can. You can add your imagination as well as other ingredients, but it is better to experiment later on. Now, pay your attention to the details below to make Nigerian puff puff soft, spicy, and delicious. Step 1. Take a big bowl. Add flour, about 0.75 cups of sugar, 0.5 tablespoons of salt, both types of pepper and make a mixture of all these dry products. You can use a big wooden spoon for mixing. Put it aside until you prepare onions and yeast. Step 2. Now you should work with onions alone. Cut a half of one onion and grate it. You can put it on a plate for now. If you have a blender, you can use it for this purpose. Step 3. Take a small empty bowl. Add 3 tablespoons of yeast and 1 tablespoon of sugar in it. Mix this with 0.25 cup of warm water. You can use a fork, spoon or whisk to do this. Let it grow for about five minutes. You can place this small bowl with yeast into a dry warm place for a better and quicker reaction. READ ALSO: How to make Nigerian buns and puff puff Step 4. Puff puff requires special batter, which you can now start mixing. It is better to use a mixer with a bowl as it can do a better job than your hands. Add the yeast you prepared in the previous step into this bowl. Pour in 2 cups of warm water, and mix. Step 5. Add a cup of the mixture you created in the first step into the mixer bowl and keep mixing it for about two minutes. Step 6. Now you can add all the leftovers of the mixture from step 1 and keep mixing for another two minutes. Step 7. Now you should add the grated onions along with a tablespoon of vanilla. Mix everything for another two minutes and turn off your blender (mixer). Your batter’s texture should remind you of a good-looking thick mixture. Step 8. It is now required to pour your batter from the mixer bowl into a regular bowl and cover it with a big napkin. You can place it in a dry warm place for an hour or two hours. It needs to grow a bit (do not worry if its volume doubles, this is completely ok). Step 9. Since puff puffs are very oily after being fried, it is better to find kitchen paper before you start the cooking process itself. Place the paper on a big plate. You can put your puff puff on this paper to let it soak up the extra oil from your Nigerian meal. Step 10. Add vegetable oil to the pan, let it heat before you make puff puff. You need to use much oil (the pan should be covered by about 3-inch-deep layer of oil) because your future meal should ‘float’ inside the hot oil (similar to French fries). Step 11. Use a knife to cut puff puff batter into small pieces. Place these pieces (one by one) into the hot oil inside a pan and let them turn pretty golden brown color. It usually takes about two minutes for your puff puff to fry on each side (4 minutes total). You will have to turn them over when one side is ready. Step 12. Take out the cooked snacks and leave them to rest on a paper. This way you will have less oil in them when you are ready to eat this delicious meal. That’s it! Enjoy the golden Nigerian puff puff snacks with pepper and onions inside. This is a wonderful meal for the day