how to make money work for you


2019 is here and if we are to take a guess about the thing that you most likely want, it would be for you to make more money to sort out your financial obligations. If we got the answer right, here are five smart ways through which you can make your money work for you.
Curb your impulses
Learn to just chill when you get excited about “stuff.” That 10,000 Naira dress looks great, but will you wear it enough? Settle yourself before you spend. When you make choices, think long-term, instead of instant gratification.
Re-vamp your resume
With unemployment on the increase, the job market is hot. So if you’ve been waiting to switch jobs, now may be the time. Prepare your resume to highlight all the new skills and responsibilities you’ve amassed. If your skills need updating, invest in yourself by attending seminars and classes, better still, see if you can get your current employer to pay for them.
Set yourself up for a promotion
The likelihood of getting a pay raise is leaning in your favour. Be direct with your request and researched in your back up providing why you deserve the pay raise and the increase you would expect.
Drink less alcohol outside of the house
Alcohol can drain your finances a lot. A glass of wine at a restaurant isn’t bad, but if your average drink costs 2,000 Naira and you go out twice a week, you’re spending 16,000 Naira per month on alcoholic drinks.

Instead of meeting friends at a bar, invite them to your house to cut back on restaurant costs. Cutting down on booze is also good for your health and you might even lose weight.
Cut back subscription costs and monthly bills
Are you still paying for that cable television subscription that you hardly ever watch? Cancel it. Think about real-life membership costs, too. Have you been to your gym lately? If not, try going for a walk or working out at home to save you money on products you weren’t even using.
Download apps
There are nemerous money management apps than you can count—and some will save you big bucks. Consider Clarity Money, Earny or RX Saver. With Earny, you get automatic refunds when the price drops on things you already bought.
Clarity Money’s in-app savings account can help users save towards specific goals like a wedding or bucket list trip.