How to make bitterleaf soup


My Bitterleaf soup(Ofe Ede) is ready with enough Eba. 




10 small corms Cocoyam

3 cooking spoons Red Palm Oil

Assorted Beef: Including Pomo )

Assorted Fish: Dry Fish, Stock Fish and fresh fish

Pepper, salt and ground crayfish (to taste)

3 stock cubes

1 teaspoon Ogiri Igbo (traditional seasoning)

This is hand licking Enjoy

Cooking Directions


1) Boil your assorted meat Pomo beef, stock fish, dry fish in 1 litre of water till they are well done. You can use any meat or fish of your choice 


2) Wash the beef and add to the pot of shaki etc. and continue cooking. When the meat is done, add 3 cubes of Maggi/Knorr and cook for 5 minutes. 


3) Add pepper,  ground crayfish, bitter leaves (if they have not been parboiled) and cook for 10 minutes. Then add the cocoyam paste (in small lumps) and the palm oil then go to step 5  


Note: If the bitter leaves were parboiled to remove the bitterness, then for step 3; add pepper, ground crayfish, the cocoyam paste (in small lumps), the bitter leaves and the palm oil. In other words, add all the ingredients at this stage.


4) Cover the pot and leave to cook on high heat till all the cocoyam lumps have dissolved. You can add more water if you feel that the soup is too thick.


5) Add salt to taste and the soup is ready