MY DIY AVOCADO AND BANANA HAIR MASK REVIEW *** This is the 2nd time I’ve used a banana and avocado mask to try and cut down on the cost of store bought conditioners and I want to give my thoughts on them.


First of all, let’s go over the procedure. After shampooing your hair, mix 1 avocado and 1 banana together. Add a few spoons of your favourite oil and mix or blend well. I blend in my smoothie maker so it’s very smooth. I also add a little bit of aloevera juice to the mix to make the blending easier. After blending, I used a clean old pair of tights and sieved the mixture. Apply the mixture to clean damp hair in sections, cover with a plastic cap for a couple of hours. Rinse with warm water and proceed to style.


****NOTE**** No matter how smooth your mixture is, you still need to sieve it through any fine or mesh material because the blender can never get though the tiny bits like the banana seeds which will end up in your hair.


My thoughts: – The mixture isn’t slippery. When I applied it, I felt like I didn’t get good coverage like I would feel when applying a store bought one. – As I applied it, I could definitely see my curls accentuated, which was very surprising. – once I was through the application, the hair still felt like it did after shampooing it so no soft feeling yet. – it was a little more watery than store bought so it’s messy to apply. – when covered up, it has a tendency to drip so I had to be careful. It stained my bonnet because I slept with it overnight. – When rinsed off, and this is  really strange thing, my hair didn’t feel too soft, but it looked and felt well moisturised. I’m sure sure how I can explain it better. But even though my hair wasn’t ridiculosely soft like it would be after using my shea moisture deep conditioner, I could tell the hair was very well moisturised. Maybe it was the sine it had. – My curls remained pronounced.

Verdict: It was a very different experience. I’m not a diy-er but I will definitely add this to my regimen. It’s cheap, my hair looks better moisturised than after using a store bought one and my curls thank me later.

It’s not difficult to make. It took me 5 mins to prepare and sieve so it’s result big deal. The end result definitely trumps the slight inconveniences. I’m glad I decided to try it.