How to maintain dreadlocks in 8 superb ways!


Knowing the right tips for caring for dreadlocks
is super important if you are trying to maintain
a dreadlock look.
One slip up can cause all kinds of problems
(and smells!) in your dreads and who wants
So, we’ve compiled a list of top eight easy tips
for caring for your dreadlocks.…
1. Find a good locktician
Uti Nwachukwu
This is the most important rule especially in
your beginning stages of growing locks. You
want a locktician that can give you great
advice and recommend good products. If you
are twisting your already natural hair, please
have a real conversation about your hair goals
and your desired look with your potential new
stylist prior to them twisting your hair.
2. Use residue free soaps/shampoos
The tighter the locs are, the fewer stray hairs
you will have and the smoother the locs will
Washing locks with the proper soaps and
shampoos is essential to keeping them tight.
The problem with the majority of shampoos, is
that they leave scums in the hair after they are
rinsed out. You can easily detect this residue
by smelling the hair, or your hands, after you
have used the shampoo.
3. Palm roll your dreads every once in a while
Did you know that palm rolling your dreads is
actually a great way to keep them tight, keep
them looking awesome and to maintain their
This is actually how you make your dreads too
– of course, using a bit of wax is suggested
when you are first starting out.
4. Always make sure to blow dry your locks
Blow dry your locks
When you get your dreads wet, the smell can
be horrible if you don’t let them air dry or
blow-dry them.
One of the worst things you can do with your
dreads is to wear them up in a hat while they
are wet.
Moisture gets trapped and that can cause a
5. Whatever you do, do not apply wax to your
wet hair
If you are looking for a really sticky and hard to
get out mess, absolutely apply wax to wet hair.
If you want something that is going to look
good and be easy to maintain, apply your wax
and palm roll your dreads only when the hair is
very dry.
6. Try as much to wear a band or scarf
around your head for sleeping.
Wearing a scarf helps
When you are first getting your dreads in order,
it is really important to wear some type of
band around your head when you sleep.
Well, because you don’t want to get wax all
over your pillow and ruin it.
Instead, wrap a thick scarf around your head to
preserve your pillow.
7. Peppermint for itching
Uti Nwachukwu
Maybe it’s just me, but dreadlocks can itch a
little bit when they start to get tighter.
There are a ton of creams and sprays out there
for the itching, but just a few drops of
peppermint essential oil can really help calm
the itching down; well that’s according to my
8. Be Patient
For the ladies, you may need to
be very patient if you want your
hair to be as sexy as that of
Nollywood actress, Dakore
By far the hardest lesson I’ve learned when
dealing with my (short) hair.
This isn’t a process that will happen overnight.
Locking your hair is a journey and it’s a little
different for each person.
Another thing my stylist said is ‘some people’s
hair lock faster than others. Thicker hair tend
to lock faster.’
The good thing is that if you nurture and take
good care of your hair, then the growth will
come. It really will. Don’t get discouraged.