How To Know Which Devices Connected To Your iPhone Hotspot?


Is there a way to know which devices are connected to your iPhone Hotspot or iPad for that matter? I have asked myself this question over and over, and I have done a lot of research digging for answers. iPhone only shows you the number of devices that are connected to your WiFi Hotspot and not the actual devices that are connected. This is one of the travails of an iPhone user.




When you turn or tethering or mobile hotspot on iPhone and external devices connect, all you see is a blue bar at the top of the screen that reads “Personal Hotspot” and shows how many devices are connected to it. You just get something like this, “Personal Hotspot: 2 Connections”.




Devices can connect to the iPhone via Personal Hotspot in one of three ways: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or USB. Of course, when you connect via USB, no other device can connect to your iPhone or iPad hotspots. You can only establish an internet connection with the device the USB cable is plugged into. However, when you are using a wireless connection, it’s a different ball game.


Why Bother To Know Devices Connected To Your iPhone Hotspot?


A good number of people would be okay to just know the number of devices connected to their iPhone or iPad Hotspot. I have even spoken to people who think it’s asking far too much to want to know who and who is connected. I feel this should be a feature that comes with iOS devices, like that on Android devices.


Sometimes I want to disconnect just a number of people from my hotspot without having to change my password. How do I identify these devices? Can’t we even have the “only allowed devices” option in the settings like we have on Android?


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If even for just curiosity sake, I would like to know what devices are connected to my Hotspot. Since this feature isn’t available and it doesn’t look like Apple or anyone wants to do anything about it, isn’t there a way to build an application to do this. I don’t know much. Perhaps it’s almost impossible to build an app to do that and I haven’t realized it yet.