How to fold a Map



Lay your map face-up on a flat surface. Clear a surface that is a comfortable height so you can reach all four corners of the map without straining. Use a surface that is large enough that the entire map fits on it when laid out flat.

If the map is hanging off the edges of the surface, it will be more difficult to fold evenly.


Fold your map in half crosswise. To do this, position the West side of the map on your left and the East side on your right. Take the West side of the map and fold it over directly on top of the East side. Carefully line up the edges of the map, then press down to create a crease.

Use a ruler or a roller for a sharper crease.[1]


Unfold the map and lay it out flat. If the crease is not sharp enough or is not centered, re-fold the map until you have two equal sections that are clearly divided by a sharp crease. You should now have a single, sharp crease down the middle of the map.


Fold one of the outer edges inward to touch the center crease. Folding in the same direction (crosswise), line up the edge of the map with the crease you just made. Once the edges are lined up properly, press down on the fold to make a new crease.


Grab the outer edge of the section you just folded. Fold this section back toward you and line up the edges. Once the edges are lined up properly, fold it down and make a sharp crease.

This fold should be half the width of the last fold.


Flip the map face-down. Do not unfold the folds you just made. Bring the folded outer edge back to the middle crease. Line the edges up carefully, and use your roller, ruler, or fingers to fold down the edge.

It may help to position the map vertically, so that you are directly in front of the part of the map you’ve been folding.[2]


Flip the map back to the front. Position the map so that the unfolded side is facing you. Half of the map should now have four vertical fan folds, and the other half should have none.[