How To Earn


NaijaHow is Africa’s First Creators Hub. It is the easiest way to make a living online in Nigeria by owing your own mini-blog on the platform.

This Program enables all our registered users earn by performing site activities mainly of which enable the user to own and manage a mini-blog here on our platform and earn from articles publishing and viewing of such articles (tuts). These activities are called “streams” and more are added to the program from time to time.

The Account

Each activity is rewarded by NH.

These NH are NaijaHow Credits and can be withdrawn to any bank account in Nigeria.

The conversion

NH1 = 1Naira.

Why Should I Signup For NaijaHow?

Below are few reasons why you should signup now on naijahow:

  • One Central Account For all streams.

This means no matter the stream you’re using (publishig contents, referring, view earnings etc) they’re all rewarded to the same NH account; this will enable you earn and cashout faster.

  • Free NH

From time to time we give out free NH. Perhaps we got happy, or it’s a staff’s birthday or we feel like rewarding consistent members. You never can tell so always be on the lookout.

  • List Of Streams.

Here at NaijaHow, it’s more than just a cashout, it’s a lifestyle. That’s why on little intervals, new streams roll out to help members grow their earnings.

  • Low Minimum Withdrawal

Our minimum withdrawal is just NH3000. You can reach this threshold in a day. There is no limitation on your account.

  • Net15 Payout

Earning are sent out once in 2 weeks and twice a month as long as cashout were made on the 14th or 29th of every month.

Below is the  Table Of Streams matched with their rewards.






Signup BonusNH501time
Referrals ClickNH150/Day
Referrals SignupNH500Unlimited
Sponsored Post SharingNH1001/Day
Post/ tut CreationNH1502/Week
Your Post/ tut ViewingNH0.25Unlimited

 NH1 = N1

Pls, ensure to read and follow our term of service. We are super strict about them.

More Streams are added From Time to time, kindly bookmark this page for easy access.



1. Click Here to Register

2. Click on Add to Cart or Pay Now
3. On the Next Page NHAEP Pack will be added to your Cart, scroll down and Click on Proceed to Checkout
4 .On the next page Fill your Billing Address, select your Payment Mode as Debit/Credit Card, tick i have read the terms and condition then click on Place Order.
5. On the next page, complete your payment of 1,100 Naira through Paystack.
6. Once your payment is successful, then you can fill the registration info.
7. If your registration is successful, your account will be automatically approved and you’ll be redirected to your profile page.

8. You will get email form Naijahow that your Account is now active and you can login.

9. Upon login, you will earn 50 Naira signup bonus, 20 Naira Daily login.