How To Download OR Save WHATSAPP Status To Your Android Phone Gallery

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There are many new features rolling out to WhatsApp users every now and then, one such feature is the “WhatsApp Status” feature which is taken from Snapchat’s Stories feature and WhatsApp decided to roll out the feature to all the users which is a massive 1 billion or more users across the globe. WhatsApp has decided to replace the old Status feature with the WhatsApp Status or WhatsApp Stories feature. It is much similar to the Snapchats Stories and contacts can view the shared images, GIFs or Videos for a period of 24 hours before it gets deleted automatically.


WhatsApp did not give the option to save the images, GIFs or Videos shared in Status updates directly to phone gallery.

Use Files / Media Directory to Save WhatsApp status photos on your Android device:

This method does not require any Application but you will need to access the File Manager on your Android device which we will be explaining how in the steps below –

Note: The Statuses folder is usually Hidden and can be seen only when you turn on the “Show hidden files” which is available in certain File managers.

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  • In every Android device you will be having a Files or File Manager App (File shape icon)
  • Install “ES File Explorer” which gives you the option to view hidden files
  • Launch ES File Explorer and from the settings on the left side of the screen turn on “Show hidden files” option
  • Go to WhatsApp Folder which can directly be accessed and in some devices it can be found under “Phone Storage”
  • Open the WhatsApp folder and now Tap on Media
  • In most Android devices you can find a folder with the name “.Statuses” which will store the Status updates which you have seen
  • You can open the Status update which you want to save and Save the file on your Media Directory to view later or share it with your friends.

There is no direct option given in the App which lets you save media, but for doing it there is an App called “Story Saver for WhatzApp”. There are many other apps launched recently for the same purpose and we have used and found this App serving the purpose.

Note: Let us know if you find any other application doing the same thing in a much better way, so we can add it to the list for helping other users.

Steps to Download or Save WhatsApp Status or Stories:

  • Launch Google Play Store in your Android device and search for “Story Saver for Whatzapp” or click on this link – Story Saver for WhatzApp
  • Launch the Application and at the bottom of the display tap on “New” which will show all the recent stories
  • From the Stories available tap on the Photo, GIF or Video to open it
  • Now below the Status, tap on the Down Arrow button which will download the Status or Story to your phone Gallery

It is important to note that WhatsApp has not given an option to save the Status or stories shared by other users for a reason and they are being available for only 24 hours for a reason. So make sure that you give respect to the privacy of other users and their status updates and not download the Status without taking their permission.

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