How To Customize Your Android Mobile Volume


I like making remarks at the beginning of my posts so I’ll make one now. Mtk mobiles are probably one of the best android cpu chip brands, and that’s no joke.

Sometimes back I had a little problem with my mobile when watching movies at night and I know a lot of people out there share this same problem with me.

most times  you are just not satisfied with the volume control your mobile gives. Vol 1 is just too low that you can’t hear a thing while vol 2 is just so high that it wakes the entire household. Using a head phone is poorly an option as most times you don’t want to lockup your hearing from the outside.

After countless of confrontational visits from my households and roommates I decided to find a fix for this sickening issue. you need one too and that’s why you’re here anyways.

Not to get you bored already, like always this is a step-by-step tutorial with screenshots notifying every step even the smallest of clicks.

Now Lets get down to fixing this.

  Things You Need:

 Step 1.

goto your dialer and hit *#*#3646633#*#*

A new menu called Engineering mode should pop-up in 2-5 seconds.

If your mtk phone doesn’t allows this code (as not all mobiles do) download and use the app above for direct access.

  Step 2.

You should be in the engineering mode now. Swipe to the left twice and you’ll get to Hardware Testing.

Now click on Audio.

screenshot_2016-10-09-23-51-56 audio

 Step 3.

In audio , you can choose whatever speaker you intend to customize. Normal speaker which indicates your front speaker (in most mobiles). While the loud speaker indicates the back speaker (usually known as the Media speaker.)

 Select the one you intend to customize, in this case, Loudspeaker. In the first box you’ll see a list of dropdown options, click and select Media.

screenshot_2016-10-09-13-16-14 loudspeaker menu-10-09-13-16-28

 Step 4.

After selecting the media, in the second box, you’ll see a drop-down option for Volumes Ranging from Volume 0-16 (yours may defer).

 Choose the volume level you intend to edit ([alert type=”e.g. warning, danger, success, info”]caution: I advice you take note of the parameters before editing any, so as to fall back to them if anything goes wrong.[/alert])


 Final step.

Edit the volume values (numbers) or parameters to your taste in multiples of 20’s.

For example if you intend changing 100, you should change it to 120 to increase or 80 to decrease as 105 and 95 wouldn’t make much effect.

 Finally click on to activate it.


That’s all. Exit your engineering mode and test your volume. If are still a little dissatisfied with the volume, repeat the step above increasing or decreasing the values till you get your required volume.

Happy Tweaking!

If you have any Questions pls, Drop a comment with a screenshot if possible (our portal allow image uploads ) below or drop your testimony.