How to Convert Your Internet Time to Money – Jeafi’s Tuts


There are two easy ways to convert the time you spend on the internet to money; I mean physical cash in your bank account. I explained the first one yesterday on one of my tuts. Click Here to View it. So today I’ll be explaining the second one.

I’m sure many of you have heard of Bitcoins right? The online currency that is quickly taking over everywhere. I don’t think I need to start educating any one on what Bitcoins are and how genuine they are but if you need to know more about it kindly post it in the comment section and I’ll look into it.

Few of you must also have heard of mining Bitcoins and crypto currencies in general. Well that is what we’ll be working with today.

Come to think of it, you spend a lot of time on the internet daily reading news articles, watching youtube videos, facebook and others. What if I told you you can earn a certain amount of money for every minute you spend on the internet? Sounds cool and crazy right? This is what I offer you today.

Since we all use chrome or other browsers a lot why not convert your browser into a bitcoin or naira miner? Yes this has become very possible. Instead of using chrome internet browser click this link and download chromium instead. You’ll enjoy everything you enjoy on chrome and for every second you spend on the internet, you mine back in bitcoins. The mining process may look slow to you but based on the fact that you are not paying a dime to start up why not just try it and keep mining? One day you’ll have up to 1btc and that will be your jackpot. Sell it and you’re counting your millions.

You can also mine in naira instead which is quite easier. Click here to learn how to mine naira directly


Try it out and thank me later. Watch out for more educative and exciting tuts from Jeafi