How To Activate Ntel For Unlimited Free Browsing – June 2018

  1. Ntel is one the best 4G network providers in Nigeria. The only downside is that they are yet to spread their coverage to most cities in Nigeria. The only locations in Nigeria with Ntel coverage for now are Lagos, Abuja and Port-Harcourt. So if you live in any of the aforementioned locations, read on and see how to browse unlimitedly on Ntel. To be frank this isn’t really a cheat but a loophole from Ntel which was discovered by WizyTechs as at yesterday. According to Prince Owems, Ntel lines are browsing for free, there was downtime for about 48 hours but Ntel sent apology message to customers promising to fix it but surprisingly, since morning my two Ntel SIMs has been browsing free. No special settings needed, no vpn, no configuration. Just Insert your SIM in mifi, modem or mobile and flex. I have downloaded over 10GB worth of files today and still counting. You can use your mifi to Power your smartphones and PC for unlimited browsing. This is for real people. Go grab your Ntel SIM wherever it is and start surfing, browsing and downloading unlimitedly.