How Scammers Steal Your Credit Card Information At ATMs


    This is the new way scammers now use to steal your Credit Card information at ATM terminals/points. It may not be new in some countries but it’s definitely aline to some at the moment. With the way crime trends like this spread from one country to another, it’s a matter of time before it gets to every country.


    I am sharing this, so that people in countries where people don’t know about this can take precautions. be I was just reading through my Twitter timeline when I saw a post shared by @segalink. He also shared it from another person’s timeline. The video demonstrates how Credit Card details and PINs are being stolen.


    When we go to Automated Teller Machine (ATM) point to withdraw money, make transfers or recharge airtime on their phones, we protect our (or at least think we protect) our PIN by covering the PIN pad from the person behind our while we type our PIN. Well, someone spying behind you is just one of the ways your Credit Card PIN can be stolen.




    How Credit Card Information And PINs Are Being Stolen ATM Terminals


    I am going to try my best to explain this in text. If you really want to have a better understanding, please watch the video towards the end of this article.


    So, how do they steal your card information at ATM points? It is ingenious and one could not but marvel at the creativity and thinking that foes behind this trick. I am confident many people who don’t have criminal minds or know how criminals think would not have suspected this.


    Skimmer Installed In ATM Card Slot Covers


    Criminals install their own covers on the card slot available on ATMs. The cover fits perfectly that you might never suspect anything. The cover installed by these criminals contains a skimmer that copies all your card information as you insert and/or removes it from the ATM.


    A skimmer is a malicious card reader.






    Fake ATM Cash Dispenser Cover


    Some ATMs have plastic materials covering the cash dispenser. This would normally have a small hole just above the ATM PIN pad. This hole has a a camera behind it and it records as you press your card PIN. The Pinhole Camera could be located above or below the PIN pas, depending on the design of the machine. The criminals can later match your card information and Personal Identification Number.




    Fake ATM PIN Pad Cover


    If the above is not present, you should also look out for a fake PIN pad covering the original one. This is the thief’s tainted trifecta covering the original number pad. Once installed, each individual button pressed is logged, along with the time, to match up with the skimmed details. This easily lets them know which Credit Card belongs to which information.




    How Do You Know ATMs With These Devices Installed?


    STEP 1: The first thing you should do is to check the alignment of the ATM card slot cover. If it appears not to cover the slot very well, something might be fishy. Please go to step 2. For the cash dispenser, check for any hole on it (specially under the PIN pad). Also check for the alignment, if something seems off, something might be off. Go to step 2.


    STEP 2: If you suspect anything in step 1, hold any of the above items and shake or try to remove it. A little effort should pull them off. If it comes off and you find another one under, please don’t insert your card and alert those in charge of the ATM (Banks, Gas Stations, Restaurants, Clubs, etc) or local authorities.