Healthy weight gain


I know how frustrating it can be for d slim/skinny ones
Why do I know this? Cos av been dere You look sick?
Do you eat at all?
U wear my youngest sister size of top?
U look like my daughter?
Dose statements sound familiar right.
We’ve heard dat a thousand and one times.

Gaining weight is pretty easy and hard at the same time
I will give a detailed guideline on how I was able to excape d skinny/slim girl look.

1.MILK..yea milk
I don’t mean dano milk or cool cow milk lol
I mean hollandia milk lol
Drink milk..everyday..everynight just drink
It’s a good source of protein anyways
Don’t skip drinking milk for 3months and the give me ur feedback
2.Eat every 3-4 hrs
Just eat it anything
Don’t mind those that say d food is fatty..its unhealthy
U are skinny anyway..u need d fat

3.don’t drink water bfr eating
Inshort,anytime u are instead of drinking water.

4.use multivitamins
Pls don’t use yodi nd dose drugs meant for pigs
I recommend Gelovit forte tho.buh u can ask for a good multivitamin from any pharmacy.

Let ur body grow. Get enough sleep always.

Do more of weight lifting dan cardio
Dis is whr pple miss it,Guys expecially
Wen yu are askd to hit the gym for weight gain,dey mean weight lifting not cardio..cardio(running,jogging etc) is mainly for weight loss..dats y some pple still look lanky even after being in the gym for a year + dedicated
It took me close to 4months to see changes
Hell yea!!!4 months

8.Try to include eggs in ur diet.
It’s high in protein and fat.
Eat atleast 2 eggs per day.

Proteins are ur friend
Vijumilk is ur friend
Eating always should be ur habit.

The reason why we loose weight is because we don’t get enough energy(food) to carry out our daily activities..hence our body is forced to use d stored energy (fat)
Dats y I recommended above to eat every 3-4 hrs.

We are all beautiful d way we are