Health benefits of Golden melon you should know


Ever heard of golden melon? 

Golden melon is a bright yellow skinned melon which contains Omega3, Omega6, Panthotenic, Calcium, Iron, Vitamin C, VitaminA, Magnesium, Potassium,fibre and Zinc. 

Below are some health benefits of Golden melon. 

1. It reduces blood pressure 

The juice from golden melon contains potassium which support the nerves, blood vessels and muscle contraction.  This further affects the blood pressure.

2. It controls cholesterol.

The high fibre content in golden melon controls cholesterol level.  The fibre is able to flush toxins and thereby take away cholesterol in the blood.

3. It improves cardiovascular health.

The Omega3 and Omega 6 fatty acids contents of golden melon helps to improve cardiovascular health.

4. It eases digestion.

The fibre and water content of golden melon helps in food digestion.

5. It manages weight.

Golden melon consumption helps in weight management as it contains minerals that enhances body metabolism. The vitamin B6 content in golden melon is able to control appetite.

6. It hydrates the body.

Golden melon has an excellent water content. Eating golden melon not only properly hydrate the body but also infuse it with beneficial vitamins and minerals.

7. Good for skin

Golden melon can be used as natural facial mask for supple and youthful skin. This homemade facial mask is recommended especially for those with dry skin. 

8. Enhances mood 

The vitamin B6 in golden melon is able to improve the production of serotonin hormones which is one of the hormones that play an important role in mood control and ensuring the feelings of happiness.

9. Support better sleep 

With the enhancement of mood by golden melon, depression is ruled out.  Users of golden melon sleep better as problems such as insomnia is taken care of.