Effects of water pollution


Effects of water pollution.
You will notice in the previous pages that water
pollution is very harmful to humans, animals and
water life. The effects can be catastrophic,
depending on the kind of chemicals, concentrations
of the pollutants and where there are polluted.
Below, we shall see a summary of the effects of
water pollution. (Make sure you see the factsheet
page for some very unfortunate incidents of water
pollution in recent time)
The effects of water pollution are varied and depend
on what chemicals are dumped and in which
Many water bodies near urban areas (cities and
towns) are highly polluted. This is the result of both
garbage dumped by individuals and dangerous
chemicals legally or illegally dumped by
manufacturing industries, health centers, schools and
market places.
Death of aquatic (water) animals
The main problem caused by water pollution is that
it kills organisms that depend on these water bodies.
Dead fish, crabs, birds and sea gulls, dolphins, and