Effects of drunkenness


Drunkenness in modern times is often a contributory factor to the following:

  1. Traffic deaths- many people who are drunk and drive any form of automobile caused accidents or are involved in accidents. This accident results to serious injuries, incapacitation and sometimes death.
  2. Divorce- there are women who had to divorce their husband because of drunkenness. This is mostly because their husbands become irresponsible due to drunkenness.
  3. Domestic violence- there are people who because of drunkenness beat their wives and children and even injure them.
  4. Forfeiture of education- there are students who are involved in drunkenness that were either expelled from school or drop out of school because of drunkenness. This has resulted in some of these students to forfeit education and loose the chance of being gainfully employed in the society. Some end up jobless or doing menial jobs to survive leading to low or poor standard of living.
  5. Unemployment- There are also people who lost their jobs because of drunkenness. As a result they cannot carter for the needs of their families. Commenting on the effects of drug abuse to drug users, Yahya H. Affinnih posits that “ironically, drug dependency often renders these individuals totally unemployable.”[1] This is also often the case with those involved in drunkenness. Drunkards are usually irresponsible and ineffective in discharging their duties. There was a man who is now late, he worked with the local government, but due to his drinking habit, he started spending most of his office hours with his friends in the bar. It reached a point that he stopped going to work completely. He was eventually sacked, that was how he lost his hard earned job.
  6. Slavery- there are people that have become slaves to alcoholic drinks, they so much depend on this drinks that they always need a sip in order to have the courage and boldness to embark on any job or assignment. For example:
  7. There are males who have to take alcoholic drink in order to get the courage and boldness to ask a girl out
  8. There are professionals e.g. doctors, Masters of ceremony etc who have to take alcoholic drinks to give them the courage and boldness to do their work
  9. Poor health- there are people who have contracted severe diseases such as liver cirrhosis because of drunkenness. There are others too who end up with poor physical and mental health problems due to drunkenness.
  10. Lack of planning- many people involved in drunkenness squander their money on drinking thereby making it difficult for them to invest, support their families and even plan for their retirement.
  11. Aro admits that the general psychological effects of drunkenness include the “temporary attainment and sustenance of social footing, the lessening of frustration with increase in gratification that is readily available and affordable.”[2] I agree with this assertion because alcohol only gives a person a temporary escape from reality when he/she is drunk, after the effects of the alcohol is over, the reality will always be there.
  12. Social problems- there are people who fight, quarrel, steal, womanize and involve in criminal activities because of drunkenness. Such people are despised by their immediate communities and often lose their dignity and integrity.

[1] Affinnih, “a preliminary study of the association between unemployment, drug abuse and crime in Africa: the case of Ghana” in African journal of drug and alcohol studies, volume 1, number 1, 2000, (ed., Isidore S. Obot, a publication of CRISA: the centre for research and information on substance abuse, Jos, Nigeria, page 34.

[2] Aro, dangers of alcohol consumption. Lagos, Nigeria, Rehoboth Publishing, 2008: 5