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Things that reduces trust on WhatsApp

4 things that you are doing with WhatsApp that reduces trust Today, WhatsApp is the most common means of communication The invention of WhatsApp changed the way we communicate. It was some...

Things your phone camera can do other than selfie

Eight things your camera can do, other than selfiesSmartphone cameras let you take advantage of every available photo opportunity. But they can do more than take pictures of partying friends and sweeping...

Top smartphones of 2018

Top smartphones of 2018Closed CaptionsAntonio Villas-Boas: 2018 was the year of boring but really, really good smartphones.First, let's begin with the OnePlus 6T.This is my personal favorite, but I think in a lot...

WhatsApp new features

WhatsApp - the widely-used app used by Brummies for messaging - has introduced a brand-new feature.The new update from the Facebook-owned platform is making headlines.This time around, the latest in a...

How to call an unknown number

 An unknown number is a number you don't recognize, while a restricted number is a number with a blocked caller ID. While there are methods you can try, calling an unknown...

WhatsApp blue tick

 Here is a trick that you may find worth if you are a WhatsApp Web user. This trick allows you to read messages as they come even without getting a blue...

How to earn $500+ on google

 How To Make Money From GoogleGoogle is the most used search engine in the world, so we can call it the king of search engines...Lol! We all know that the owners of...

Making money from your phone

Making money from your phone (2)Yahoo photoAuthor of Practical Steps to Financial Independence and business & finance coach, Mr Usiere Uko, writes about how to make money from your phone.In the...

5 incredible smart phone code you should know

5 incredible smartphone codes you need to try out soonSecret codes used on a phone Smartphones have a lot of secret codes their users don’t know about. For example, there are secret codes...

Things that make your smart phone hot

Reasons Why Your Smartphone Gets Hot – What You Need To KnowReasons Why Your Smartphone Gets Hot – What You Need To Knowhttps://go.onclasrv.com/afu.php?zoneid=1983851Ever had that experience where your smartphone gets so...
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