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Kxd mobile release super budget smartphone multimedia beast w50 for only N16,280

Recently, Chinese manufacturer KXD Mobile just released 2 super budget smartphones for Indian market—KXD W50 and KXD W55. They are only ? 16,280 and ? 17,020 on Jumia(flash sale). It is no doubt that they are entry-level phones. But they...

TECNO POUVOIR 2 COMES WITH 5000MAH BATTERY CAPACITY,check out full specs,features and price

 Are you wondering what Tecno means by the name Pouvoir 2. Pouvoir is a French word that means Power .Tecno Mobile has formed a new product line of battery-focused smartphones and branded it Pouvoir....

How to insert sim

 Power down your iPhone. ...Make sure the SIM card is the right size for you phone. ...Locate the SIM card slot on the side of your iPhone. ...Find your SIM eject tool or straighten a small paperclip. ...Push the tool...

Premier league

Liverpool 4.0 bournemouth as mohammed salah shines again

how to choose the right electric shavers

The problem with electric razors is choice. As technology has improved, so has the number of options. Here's how to choose the best one for you.The Big Choice: Foil vs. Rotary Foil shaver head (left)...

EEL cup

Arsenal vs Tottenham set to meet at EEL cup again
vivo X23

Meet vivo x23 phone with 8gb ram, in-display fingerprint scanner

Here is a quick information on Vivo X23 smartphone that features a whopping 8GB RAM, In-Display Fingerprint scanner, 6.41 inches screen size, Snapdragon 670 processor, Android 8.1 Oreo, 13MP Main camera and host of...

How to connect your mobile phone to a projector.

Projectors are mostly used to watch videos and movies on a big screen, and most of the times these projectors come quite handy for presentations. In short, no matter how advanced we get, we...

How to Fix and Andriod Phone Whose Bluetooth or WIFI wont turn on

HOW DO I DIAGNOSE IF MY WIFI AND BLUETOOTH NOT COMING ON IS DUE TO A SOFTWARE OR HARDWARE PROBLEM?One simple test is by trying to turn on your phone’s FM Radio. If the...

How to use power bank for the first time

Want to charge your mobile phone or any portable device on the move but don’t have mains power?Today’s Modern gadgets consume lot of power as their consumption is very high and they have become...