Body itching after bath; causes, prevention, and solutions.


It is not uncommon to experience a bout of itching after bathing. It may last a short period of time and we often do not give it much thought thereafter. However, for some people itching after bathing can persist for hours or itching that is constantly present may worsen after bathing.This is coming from my personal experience and i found the solutions myself.

What is itching?
Itching is medically called pruritus, and it may leave scars and permanent damage on your skin. This itching sensation can occur to a certain area or all over your body. From my research online I found out that it is also called Aquagenic pruritus, which literally means “water-caused itching”, it causes your body to activate defense mechanisms when it comes into contact with water or sweat. You will feel this itch deep within your skin, but it will not show visible redness or raised welts. Your body will never shown red signs from the itching but it’s so discomforting.
It is neither the water nor soap nor germs, it is a kind of condition and it is also hereditary. I also suffer severely from it too. It is so bad that it lasts for up to 30mins after bath. The solution is to stop using sponge, use only soap and water to bath. . Also avoid change of soap or change of type of water (like from bore hole to tap water). Use of disinfectant is absolutely a waste of time.
At first i was confused on the causes this disturbing plight until I did a personal research myself which I feel is the cause of the itching. But the real cause of itching after bathing can be outline below;
i.Residues from chemicals/contaminants in water treatment (Chlorine, fluoride, metals, etc.)
ii.Residues from chemicals in soap (like SLS)
iii.Damp towels that have allowed bacteria to proliferate
iv.Dandruff: infact if you have internal dandruff on your hair you are bound to suffer from this dilemma. As each time you bath, you scrub your sponge on your hair and then on your body thus transferring the dandruff bacteria all over your body.
Preventing Body Itching
Take shorter baths with lukewarm to hot water. Avoid very long or very hot baths. Soaking in a bath tub occasionally may not be a problem but frequent soaks that are long could cause itching.
Use mild soaps and shampoos. Baby soaps and shampoos are usually the safer option. Antibacterial soaps should be avoided. Always ensure that the soap or shampoo is thoroughly rinsed off. Shower quickly after soaking in a bath tub with foam bath or soap.
Scrub gently when bathing. Remember that dead skin cells will slough off on its own throughout the day and do not have to be physically removed. Gentle rubbing can suffice in remove surface dirt. Do not try to exfoliate deeply with very rough and hard surfaces.


People will tell you or recommend you use peppermint oil, Bathing with strong detergents in warm weather, Bathing between 4am-5am, Bathing with very cold water or in cold weather, etc. These will not work.Just rry the solutions outline below.
If you have been experiencing itchy sensations after showering, here are some useful tricks that can help you solve your problem. There are many products that can be used to alleviate the itching but you have to find the source of the itching. The solution is simple and can be outline below;
i.Take at least one capsule of cod liver oil daily
ii.Wash your towel at least three times in a week and don’t allow it to get dampen all the time
iii.Discontinue the use of sponge for the mean time. Washing with only soap and water help reduces the itching, as for me when I don’t bath with sponge I never experience any itching.
iv.Wash your hair with shampoo twice weekly but not when you are about to take your bath. If you insist on using shampoo to wash the hair while taking your bath, then use a separate towel to wipe your head.
v.Do this for at least 2months and watch the itching go away. It worked for me after applying and adhering to the entire steps outline above.
A shower may leave your skin clean, but if your skin itches after you shower, you probably find them more enervating than refreshing. How you ease this irritating itch depends on what causes it. If you’re prone to allergies, your itchy skin might result from your soap, your perspiration or even the water itself. An overly hot shower that dries your skin could also leave you scratching but trying all the tips here I have outline will go a long way to reduce and possibly end the itching whenever you take your bath,.
NOTE; i discover this new one and it worked well. try getting a real coconut oil and SKINEAL cream. Once you barb your hair to lowest level, let it be shining, rub the coconut oil for the first two days, the the third day apply the SKINEAL cream. Repeat same for the week and watch your body inching after bath goes away. The only thing you need now to be applying to prevent future occurance is the coconut oil three times weekly.