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3 months ago 8 Comments

Coconut Meat Pie is a tropical version of our trademark Nigerian Meat Pie, this time bursting with coconut flavours. Everywhere you look in this pie, there is coconut flavour. Coconut Meat Pie [Video] Classic Nigerian Meat Pie [Video] Nigerian Meat Pie Shapes [Video] Coconut Meat Pie IngredientsWith the following ingredients, I got 6 coconut meat […]

3 months ago 6 Comments

The following procedure is how to make rich concentrated coconut milk perfect as a cow milk replacement for those that have lactose intolerance. This conc. coconut milk is also used for baking and preparing recipes where it is important that the coconut milk is thick. There’s a huge difference between normal coconut milk and the […]

3 months ago 8 Comments

  The process detailed on this page is how to make the purest Virgin Coconut Oil. There are no preservatives nor cosmetic wax like the ones sold in the shops. If you have any feedback or questions about preparing this, click here to let me know. Purest Virgin Coconut Oil [Video] To make 70ml (¼ […]

3 months ago 7 Comments

  Raise your hand if you think that cooking spaghetti and eating it with the good old beef/chicken stew is oh-so-boring. I think so too. That’s why I bring to you the Spaghetti Surprise recipe. How to Cook Spaghetti Surprise [Video] This recipe is prepared with the ingredients you see in Nigerian markets and in […]

4 months ago 8 Comments

Roasted Whole Chicken makes a nice treat any day and on every occasion but the fear of messing it up keeps a lot of people from preparing this yummy recipe. How to Make Roasted Whole Chicken [Video] The most important thing you need to do when roasting whole chicken is to make sure that the […]

4 months ago 7 Comments

Chicken Suya is another way to enjoy the deliciousness that the Nigerian Suya Pepper adds to meats. How to Make Nigerian Chicken Suya [Video] It is prepared exactly the same way as the classic Nigerian Suya, the only difference is the meat used. We use beef fillets for the classic Nigerian Suya while we use […]

4 months ago 9 Comments

Chicken Suya Salad is simply the yummy medemede of Chicken Suya with all the vegetables that go well with suya, in one plate. How to Make Chicken Suya Salad [Video] It is a nice way to serve your guests Chicken Suya. You can do the same with Beef Suya. Ingredients you need for Chicken Suya […]

4 months ago 10 Comments

Onion Baked Chicken is an easy recipe that changes up the chicken game in your kitchen. A nice addition to your party food. Onion Baked Chicken [Video] Ingredients3 chicken quarters1 small red onion2 small stock cubes1 teaspoon Nigerian curry powder1 teaspoon black pepper powder1 teaspoon thyme Notes on the ingredientsThese are chicken quarters: chicken quartersI […]

4 months ago 9 Comments

My birthday was on the 20th of may, Before then, I already made up my mind that I would bake and decorate the cake myself because (1) I was craving the authentic, moist and dense Nigerian Cake which I have not had in a while. And (2) I wanted to use the opportunity to once […]

4 months ago 8 Comments

Nigerian Agidi or Eko is Nigeria’s Jello sort of. It is made with corn flour. The process is very similar to how to make Ogi but with a slight difference. How to Make Agidi or Eko [Video] Agidi or Eko tastes so good with hot Akara or Pepper Soup. Watch me eat it with Pepper […]

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