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6 months ago 18 Comments

  Miss IMO, Anita Ukah wins the most beautiful girl in Nigeria 2018. Most beautiful girl in Nigeria (MBGN) held on Friday 21st on Friday, at the prestigious Gabriel Okara, Cultural center yenogoa, bayesa state.

6 months ago 16 Comments

  Build up your mind if you are to make it in business. Business Tips:- Read and apply option if you care. Summary on how to create blog site. 1.  Decide what to blog about 2.   Choose a blogging website 3.   Find a host 4.    Pick a domain name 5.   Get […]

6 months ago 17 Comments

      Click it and press any amount you want to borrow from artel line *500*Amount# 

6 months ago 2 Comments

One pride of natives of Akwa Ibom and Cross River is their local dish, Afang soup. A celebration for them is not complete without this dish. Also peculiar is the use of periwinkles. Depending on your preference, you can serve it with rice or any swallow of your choice. Ingredients 4 handfuls Okazi or Afang […]

6 months ago 2 Comments

Judging from the questioning look on persons face when the ATM dispenses grimy looking cash and the near joyous look when the currency is crisp, it can be concluded that everyone prefers a crisp new note to a soiled old note. Which begs the questions, does it really matter? Does the look of money affect […]

6 months ago 4 Comments

Customers besiege banks as BVN registration deadlinesexpiresWhat is this Biometric Verification Number (BVN) allabout? What are the benefits to bank customers and theeconomy? These are the questions agitating the minds ofmany Nigerians, which were also expressed in some ofthe responses to the series on, BVN: facts behind theextension.The first reality about the BVN is that […]

6 months ago 2 Comments

Business Idea in Nigeria: Starting a Dairy farm for Milk Production What is Dairy FarmingDairy Farming is the Production of Milk and Milk Products from animals such as cows or goats. Dairy farming in Nigeria is a lucrative business idea that many know about it but yet have not started it. We do see cattle […]

6 months ago no Comment

 Photo of Diamond Bank *937# services for recharge online and free data Diamond bank now allows customers to recharge their mobile phones online using the diamond bank *937# service. This is just like the GTbank *737# service that allows you to load your phone with Data or buy airtime online or check your account number […]

6 months ago 1 Comment

This article discusses the following: Nigerian Politics What is Politics in Nigeria List of Political Parties in Nigeria from Military rule to Democracy History and Development of Political parties in Nigeria What is Politics? Politics is a social structure that is designed to govern the behavior and interaction of the society with the people. It […]

6 months ago 1 Comment

Photo of Convulsions: Causes, Convulsion Meaning, Types, First Aid and Symptoms of Convulsions Convulsions can be defined as the involuntary movements of the body due to abnormal contraction and relaxation of muscles resulting from the abnormal electrical activity of the brain. Convulsions are also known as Fits and are also used interchangeably to mean Seizures […]

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