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7 months ago 5 Comments

Prepare for the day you quit and avoid temptation – choose a quit date that’s unlikely to be stressful and make sure you don’t have any cigarettes, lighters or matches on you. Avoid the pub or other places where people around you might be smoking. Download the free Smokefree app for mobile support wherever you […]

7 months ago 31 Comments

The main idea is to secure the perimeter of your place so that no creature can fly into your house! Now, let’s fight those mosquitos who still have been able to get inside. Here are the 3 best ways to get rid of mosquitoes in your house recommended by entomologists. 1. Get rid of any […]

7 months ago 10 Comments

Bad smell, stains, and stickiness are all side effects of not cleaning and taking care of your beats ear pads. Fortunately for you, it is extremely easy. What you will need:  1) Clorox Disinfecting Wipes / Baby wipes  –The use of regular alcohol wipes will cause the color on your ear pad leather to come off, […]

7 months ago 11 Comments

Learn how to clean, store, and care for your Beats by Dre earphones or headphones.   ContentsClean your BeatsTake care of your BeatsStore your Beats Clean your Beats Never wear in-ear headphones if they appear dirty. Use a dry cleaning cloth to wipe away dust and oil. Don’t use aerosol sprays, solvents, or abrasives.   Take care […]

7 months ago 11 Comments

The 9Mobile night plan is only available to all 9Mobile Nigeria subscribers, and only usable between 12:00AM and  5:00AM. The steps to activating the plan are as follow: Ensure you have a minimum of  ?50 on your SIM for the 250MB plan or N200 for the 1GB plan Dial  *229*10*10# to activate the plan for 250MB or *229*3*11# for the 1GB […]

7 months ago 12 Comments

Glo Nigeria the No.1 Grand Master of data is out to satisfy its esteemed customers by introducing a new prepaid tariff plan called Glo Jumbo Sim.Glo Jumbo SimGlo Jumbo is open to all Glo customers both new and old. This means as a new Glo subscriber, you are automatically on the Glo Jumbo Sim Tariff […]

7 months ago 1 Comment

With MTN Share ‘n Sell, you can share credit from your MTN account to other MTN customers’ account. It comes with a PIN feature to ensure security and prevent fraud.How to Transfer Credit using SMSYou can transfer credit from your phone to another MTN customer’s phone at anytime by sending an SMS with Transfer, Recipient’s […]

7 months ago 28 Comments

This Airtel 20X bonus is a special offer for those who have not been using their Airtel sim for 30days because this will definitely win back all Airtel users to the network and if your sim has not reached a month (30 days), it means you are not eligible to use this offer. Meanwhile, the […]

7 months ago 20 Comments

If you want to join the fresh MTN Pulse prepaid rate scheme you need to do the following: MTN pulse code: send a message with a number four, zero, six to 131 or just press on *406# on your phone. Joining is exempt, however, when you have shifted rate schemes during the foregoing 30 days, […]

7 months ago 23 Comments

                            INGREDIENTS  2 tbsp palm sugar or soft light brown sugar 2 bananas Contents          , peeled, halved lengthways, then each chunk halved again 150ml coconut milk       coconut        ice cream and toasted, shredded coconut, to serve […]

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