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3 months ago 6 Comments

Ingredients:3 cooking spoons red palm oil500g of egusi (ground)Protein of choice – beef, shaki (cow tripe), pomo (cow skin)Dry fish and stockfish2 tablespoons ground crayfishPepper and salt (to taste)Ugu (pumpkin leaves) or bitter leafBullion cubes1 small ogiri okpei (optional)Directions:1. Boil your meat and fish with salt, ginger, onions and pepper till tender.2. Pour the red […]

3 months ago 4 Comments

1. Put some lumps of akamu/ogi/pap into a sizeable bowl. Akamu rises during preparation so you should use a bowl big enough to contain the meal in its risen state. If in doubt, use a very big bowl, with time, you will learn which quantity can comfortably fit is which bowl size.2. Use a tablespoon […]

4 months ago 8 Comments

This is unbelievably so easy to make!1. Peel, rinse and cut the white puna yam into medium cubes.2. Put in a pot, pour water to cover the pieces of yam and start cooking on medium heat.3. Cook till the yams are well done. Two signs of a well done yam for making the perfect pounded […]

4 months ago 7 Comments

1. Heat water on the fire to a boiling point.2. When the water is boiled, bring it down from the fire and gradually begin to add your yam flour. Do not add the yam flour to the water while still on the fire so it doesn’t form lumps.3. Begin to turn the yam flour with […]

4 months ago 11 Comments

IngredientsInstructionsCalories from Fat 171% Daily Value*29%5%91%34%10%16%12%54%159.8%14.3%14.3%23.1%Nutrition FactsNigerian Fried Rice RecipeAmount Per ServingCalories 485Total Fat 19gSaturated Fat 1gCholesterol 273mgSodium 825mgPotassium 354mgTotal Carbohydrates 48gDietary Fiber 3gProtein 27gVitamin AVitamin CCalciumIron* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet.Filed Under: African Dinner,African Recipes, Main Bites, Party Bites, Recipe IndexCommentsDiane says29 Oct, 2018 at 12:02 pmCan I just […]

4 months ago 8 Comments

Ingredients3¾ cups (750g) long grain parboiled rice2-3 cups Tomato StewChicken (whole chicken, drumsticks or chicken breast)Pepper and salt (to taste)2 medium onions3 Knorr cubes2 teaspoons thyme2 teaspoons curry powder (Nigerian curry powder)Before you cook Jollof Rice1. Prepare the tomato stew. Visit theTomato Stew page for details on how to do that. It is advisable to […]

4 months ago 9 Comments

Palm oilSmoked catfishDried hake (panla gbigbe)Fresh or frozen ugwu2 cups of grounded egusi (melon)Assorted meat of choiceDried bonga fishKpomo (snort/cow skin)2 medium bell peppers (tatashe)1-2 scotch bonnet (use according to level of tolerance)1 medium size tomato2-3 medium size onionsSeasoning of choice (I used knorr cubes)Salt to tasteFish/meat stockMethodWash and boil meat and stock fish till […]

4 months ago 8 Comments

dients Instructions Nutrition Monounsaturated Fat: 0g | Potassium: 0mg | Vitamin A: 0% | Vitamin C: 0% | Calcium: 0% | Iron: 0% Prep Time: Cook Time: Servings: Author: 2-1/2 Cups Plain Flour 4 Tbsp Margarine 1 Egg 1 Tsp Baking Powder 1/4 Tsp Salt & 2 Tbsp Sugar 14 ounces Mackerel 6-8 Tbsp Water […]

4 months ago 5 Comments

Step 1. You need to wash intestines before you can follow the guide on how to cook pepper soup. Most intestines are not clean when you get them in the market. Nobody wants to be poisoned, so please wash the intestines to remove possible pieces of ground, grass and various ‘unclean’ extras.Tips for washing everything […]

4 months ago 6 Comments

The preparation is quite easy. You just have to follow few simple instructions:Rinse the meat under water and put it in a large pot. Add the onion, spices, and cook the mixture for half an hour.Wash the seafood and periwinkle under cool water and add them to the pan. Wait until the meat is about […]

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