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3 months ago 9 Comments

As a Jupiter-size world swings around its small but active star, bombarded by radiation, the planet leaves behind a tail of escaping helium as wide as itself — and researchers have spotted this tail from the ground, 163 light-years away. Since scientists first found planets around other stars, many of their most striking discoveries have […]

3 months ago 6 Comments

centuries-old document in Japan, reveals how an aspiring ninja was sworn to secrecy about 300 years ago. The ninja who penned the vow used cursive calligraphy to make a pledge to never reveal what he was taught, on pain of his descendants suffering divine wrath for generations, Agence France Presse (AFP) reported. Experts can only guess if […]

3 months ago 2 Comments

The problem with electric razors is choice. As technology has improved, so has the number of options. Here’s how to choose the best one for you. ContentsThe Big Choice: Foil vs. RotaryThe Best Foil and Rotary ShaversThe ClassicsTravel ShaversSome Last-Minute Shaver Care Tips The Big Choice: Foil vs. Rotary   Foil shaver head (left) next […]

3 months ago 15 Comments

While you’re getting your gains, picking things up then very briefly after putting them down, or burning rubber on long rides and runs, why not track what’s going on, how fast you’re going, and how far you’ve gone? Plus, heart rate! Here are some of the neatest fitness watches on the market. Suunto 9 Baro […]

3 months ago 12 Comments

ContentsFish do it. So do jellyfish, starfish and sea cucumbers. They pull oxygen from the water instead of from the air.An ancient techniqueBack-door methodA “basic blueprint” Fish do it. So do jellyfish, starfish and sea cucumbers. They pull oxygen from the water instead of from the air. Hundreds of millions of years ago, very, very […]

3 months ago 11 Comments

X-ray spectroscopy is a technique that detects and measures photons, or particles of light, that have wavelengths in the X-ray portion of the electromagnetic spectrum. It’s used to help scientists understand the chemical and elemental properties of an object. There are several different X-ray spectroscopy methods that are used in many disciplines of science and technology, including archaeology, astronomy […]

3 months ago 18 Comments

Computers, like humans, all eventually become old and slow. That inevitable truth won’t help you fix the problem though. And even if you don’t want to actually go out and buy new hardware—a new computer, a bigger hard drive, additional RAM, etc—there are a few things you can do that will get results. First, do […]

3 months ago 6 Comments

In all likelihood, the humble power strip rarely crosses your mind. But it can be the  difference between a smoothly functioning slate of gadgets and a nonfunctional laptop/phone/toothbrush/Alexa. Chances are, the power strips you’re now using around the house are a couple years old, and they can wear out over time, no longer offering the […]

3 months ago 5 Comments

Finding the best deal on plane tickets can be a confusing, stressful process. There are so many websites that purport to be helpful, and so much conflicting advice about how to look and when to buy. To make it all easier on yourself, start here. ContentsWhen to shopWhen you want to go somewhere specificBe open […]

3 months ago 22 Comments

One of the biggest practical problems keeping renewable energy from overtaking fossil fuels is the question of how to store it. When the sun is shining, or when the wind is blowing extra hard, the energy system siphons off some energy into a battery to use during cloudy days without a breeze and how much […]

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