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3 months ago 2 Comments

What is flirting? Flirting is a social and sexual behavior that involves the way we communicate with people we’re interested in pursuing a deeper, more intimate relationship with. 1. Their behavior changes around you. The change will be different depending on the person. Maybe they laugh more, they become really chatty, or the opposite happens, […]

3 months ago 5 Comments

1 She drains your energy. While you’re exhausted after being in her presence, she’s now fully energized. Yes, she has this magnetic energy and smile but that comes with a price. After spending some time with her, it’s like you just ran a marathon, uphill. A drama queen doesn’t get to where she’s at by giving […]

3 months ago 1 Comment

A lot of people will tell you that intelligence will be one of the most important things that men tend to look for in women – and a lot of men would even agree. A lot of men will come up and say that they would love to be in relationships with women who are […]

3 months ago 1 Comment

I want to tell you that sleeping with your best friend is a good idea but more likely than not, it isn’t. Now, if you want to date each other, that’s different. It can end up as a successful relationship as you are already emotionally and mentally connected. But sleeping with your best friend without […]

3 months ago 7 Comments

A giraffe only needs 1.9 hours of sleep a day, whereas a brown bat needs 19.9 hours a day Humans spend 1/3 of their life sleeping 12% of people dream entirely in black and white Before colour television was introduced, only 15% of people dreamt in colour whilst older people dream in black and white […]

3 months ago 10 Comments

Most women focus on decrypting what a guy is saying in his vague texts or his noncommittal responses, we miss out on the most obvious signs for when a guy touches you and the hidden meanings. We like to think communication is all about words, but at the end of the day, you can tell […]

3 months ago 6 Comments

1.  Things You’ve Already Forgiven  We all make mistakes—literally no one is perfect. But if your guy makes a mistake and you decide to forgive him, you have to let it go. The past can’t be changed and no one wants to constantly be reminded of how they messed up. 2.  Random Miscommunication  Sometimes things get taken […]

3 months ago 3 Comments

  Have you noticed anything different about your boyfriend lately? Has he been acting distant all of a sudden and whenever you try to talk to him, he seems absent? He gets easily annoyed at the things that he used to laugh at before and you feel helpless not knowing what to do and how […]

3 months ago 5 Comments

Stage 1: The Meeting  Everyone has to meet to date. That will always be true, whether it is 1918, 2019, or 50 years from now—you have to meet to date. Meeting, of course, looks different now than it did in the past. You can “meet” someone on Twitter and be “friends” with them for six […]

3 months ago 5 Comments

Here are eight tips to help you follow Fight Club Rules in your relationship so you can air differences in a more constructive way: Count your breaths. This is a powerful way to calm yourself down. 2. Touch your Beloved gently on his or her arm or cheek to bring attention to the fact that ultimately […]

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